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At Ascot Radiology, Auckland, we specialise in pregnancy ultrasound. We are also accredited by the Fetal Medicine Foundation screening programme to perform Nuchal scans.

We are lucky enough to have many experts in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology working in conjunction with highly trained and experienced sonographers. We aim to provide expert scanning and counselling through all stages of your pregnancy.

Nuchal Fold Screening (The 12 - 13 1/2 Week Chromosomal Assessment scan)

This scan is a screening test for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. The nuchal fold is a measurement of the skin thickness behind the baby's neck and the best time to have this scan is from 12 weeks until 13 1/2 weeks gestation as this increases the accuracy.

We are accredited in use the world-renowned and respected Fetal Medicine Foundation screening programme from London. All of our sonographers and reporting radiologists have been extensively trained and examined in nuchal measurements to gain accreditation.

The nuchal measurements are combined with results from your blood test to get an adjusted chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome. The adjusted chance often helps couples decide about proceeding with further tests such as a Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) or an amniocentesis. These tests, while more invasive, do give an absolute answer with regard to your baby's chromosomes, you will need to have another test. For further information on both of these procedures, please go to the Prenatal Testing page.

Fetal Anatomy Scanning (The 19 – 21 week Anatomy scan)

At 19 to 21 weeks gestation a more thorough assessment of your baby can be carried out via ultrasound. During this scan measurements are taken to check dates and growth, to check the position of the placenta and to make a detailed examination of the baby's anatomy.

For more information on this scan, download the brochure on this page.

4D ultrasound

Although we do sometimes add one or two 3D images at the end of the medical component of the scan, we will only attempt this if time allows and if the baby is lying in a good position.

4D ultrasound takes many conventional 2D images, creates a surface rendered 3D image, and adds time to the process. As with conventional 2D imaging, baby’s position, maternal size and the amount of amniotic fluid play a vital role in the quality of the picture. 26 to 32 weeks is the ideal time for scanning as there is more amniotic fluid and the baby has developed some soft tissue about the face.


A detailed scan of the fetal heart is done at 25-28 weeks for a suspected heart abnormality.

3rd Trimester Assessments

These scans include Doppler, biophysical profiles, and growth scans.

Due to the high demand for obstetric scans at Ascot Radiology, we have had to put some restrictions in place in order to maintain our usual high standards of service to our regular obstetric referrers and patients.

As such, we are only offering 3rd trimester scans to those patients who have had all their previous scans with us for this pregnancy. To be sure this scan is of optimal quality, we require patients to have had their anatomy (19-20 week) scan with us. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to take on any new patients in their 3rd trimester.

We apologise for these restrictions, but we are committed to giving the best obstetric service we can to our loyal specialists, midwives and patients.

Obstetric ultrasound prices

  • Early Pregnancy Scans: between 6 and 11 weeks gestation: $70

From approximately 12 weeks onwards you will have the choice of purchasing scans individually, or purchasing the scan package:

  • A single obstetric scan: $150 (Twins: $290)
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound Package: This should be purchased at the time of nuchal scan (12 - 13 1/2 weeks) and includes nuchal scan, anatomy scan & growth scan/s referred by your LMC: $475 (Twins: $850)

    For more information on the Pregnancy Ultrasound Package, download the brochure on this page.

Introducing 'The Stork'

At Ascot Radiology, we’re always looking at ways to provide our patients with the best possible service and we realised there was a need for a more user-friendly way for obstetric patients to access their images. We have partnered with 'The Stork' to offer you direct, online access to your obstetric imaging.

The Stork is a cloud-based app, making it easy to view your images from any device, while also maintaining your privacy.

Once a scan is completed, the patient is sent a link and an access code via email or SMS. They then simply follow the link, enter their code and view their images on their phone, tablet or computer.

Ascot Radiology continues to store all the original, high resolution ultrasound images and these are available for referrers to access at any time.

To find out more, please go to www.thestork.co.nz or click here to download one of our brochures.

Use of cameras and mobile phones in the ultrasound room

Please be aware that it is prohibited to use a camera or mobile phone for the purpose of taking photos or recordings in the ultrasound room during the scan. We thank you for your cooperation.

To make an appointment

To make an appointment for an ultrasound, please call our booking specialist on (09) 520 9550 and select 'Ultrasound' from the menu or email them at us@ascotrad.co.nz

Alternatively, you can go to our 'Request a Scan' page and fill in the form.


Obstetric ultrasound is available at our following branches:

  • Ascot Hospital
  • AUT Millennium
  • Highland Park
  • Parnell
  • St Heliers
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