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At Ascot Radiology, Auckland, we use the latest MRI technology to produce high quality breast scans, and Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) to provide more accurate results.

Reasons for the procedure

  • To provide a definitive diagnosis or to exclude the presence of a abnormality.
  • To assess patients with known malignancies.
  • Pre-operative staging.
  • To decide the appropriate therapy - surgical or medical.
  • To assess patients with known malignancies after chemotherapy.
  • To assess response to treatment.
  • In the evaluation of residual disease.
  • To assess asymptomatic patients with no symptoms but a strong family history, BRCA1 and BRCA2.
  • To evaluate implants.
  • To locate clips and/or markers.

Before the procedure

When making an appointment for a breast MRI, you will be asked to arrive in the department 30mins prior to the scan. This is to insure you understand the procedure and the importance of being comfortable so there is no movement during the examination.

An IV lure will also be inserted in to your arm for the administration of contrast.

During the procedure

You will be positioned prone on the MRI scanner in a specially designed coil to optimize the imaging of your breasts.

The examination time can range from 40 minutes for a routine breast MRI and up to 1.5 hours for a breast biopsy.

After the procedure

The images are viewed and reported by two separate radiologists to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Results may be available within 1 - 2 days.

To make an appointment

For all breast MRI scans, we need to see your referral before booking you an appointment.

Please email a copy of your referral to:

Once the technologists have protocolled your referral, we will be in touch to discuss appointment times with you.

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