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COVID-19: Latest Information

08 April 2020


Covid-19 is an unprecedented pandemic that is a constantly changing situation. There is much we do not know about what this means in the coming weeks, but we do have a clear priority; to keep our patients and staff safe and well during this time.

Our role, as a private medical facility, is to support the public health system which is likely to come under significant pressure in the near future. We are still providing a service to patients with clinically urgent illnesses and injuries, other than those suspected of having Covid-19. We will also help with services that the DHBs may not be able to cope with going forwards.

We have been working extremely hard to make our branches safer for our patients and staff as the country moves into lockdown. Ascot Hospital, Ascot Central, AUT Millennium, Parnell and OneHealth branches are still open, but with lower staff numbers to reduce the risk of spreading infection. St Heliers, Highland Park and Mauranui Clinic branches are closed until further notice.

We have significantly reduced all our routine booked appointments and have established guidelines for appropriate imaging. We are no longer doing any screening examinations for any modality (e.g. no screening mammograms) and no chest x-rays for chest infections. Any patient with a chest infection should seek imaging and treatment at their local DHB.

Obstetric scanning will continue with shortened scan times and under recommended guidelines. Only the patient to attend unless there is an acute problem when they are allowed one support person, or the need for a translator. This also applies to all other modalities (x-ray, CT, MRI, PET CT).

Together we can slow the spread of Covid-19. You can contact us on (09) 520 9550 with any queries.

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